AlternaCoop collects 7,550 euros to create the first solar gas station in Valencia

A total of 60 sponsors are financing the shared electric vehicle cooperative project on the Lateuaterra platform

AlternaCoop, the Valencian cooperative of shared electric vehicles, wants to implement in the metropolitan area of Valencia the first network of shared electric vehicles that are recharged with solar energy. After making available electric cars for rent, the cooperative will go one step further and install its first "electro-linera", a charging point for these vehicles that occupies an area of 700 m2 and is powered by solar energy. The company has achieved the objective of 7,235 euros that it had set itself and has achieved a total of 7,551 euros with the help of 60 sponsors on the Lateuaterra platform.

"Sustainable mobility is one of the central axes on which work must be done in the fight against climate change. We need to evolve as a society and look for other alternative forms of travel that go beyond the private car, which is currently stopped 95% of the time. In parallel to the promotion of public transport, the shared electric vehicle can be one of our alternatives", explains Vicent García, current president of AlternaCoop, who together with Nuria Vázquez, Rafa Esteve and Melchor Monleón, among others, founded the cooperative in 2017.

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