Bbooster Ventures and Universidad Europea de Valencia will teach technology training at Harvard in Valencia

bbooster1 Bbooster Ventures has reached an agreement with the European University of Valencia to jointly develop the 'Harvard Certificate Program in introduction and habilitation in programming languages ​​CS50X'. This is the first time that this program will be developed in person in Spain. The program lasts for 11 months and will be taught in the Campus of the European University of Valencia. The practices, with a duration of 480 hours, will be carried out in one of the startups Bbooster Ventures. Bbooster will bring faculty and its experience as an accelerator of more than 70 startups. The final objective of this Postgraduate program is to offer an introduction to these languages, as well as to provide students with practical experience that allows them to achieve high value added employability. In this technology segment there is full employment. One of the main challenges in the digital revolution for technology companies is precisely to find profiles with knowledge in the languages ​​that are currently used. One of the problems that have been detected is that the teaching materials of universities are being modified at a slower speed than the development of new programming languages These studies are aimed at junior or senior profiles, with or without previous programming experience. They will teach students to think algorithmically and solve real problems efficiently. The European University of Valencia's on-campus program follows the Harvard University's open online course CS50x in edX and serves as preparation for obtaining the certificate for students who pass the tests required by the prestigious Harvard University in edX. Through this course students will learn: computational thinking, playing with Scratch (Loops, conditions, variables ...); first steps in Language C to deepen computational thinking; problem solving inspired by real world matters, biology, finance, games; introduction to Front-end languages ​​(Html, CSS, Ajax); deepen scripting languages ​​(JavaScript, Ajax); manage database with SQL language; introduction to the Back-end (PHP), among other matters.  
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