Bbooster Ventures represents the Valencian entrepreneur ecosystem in Web Summit

penichet Valencia has been very present in one of the largest technology events in the world, and the largest in Europe: Web Summit. Enrique Penichet, founder of Bbooster Ventures has been the representative of the Valencian entrepreneur ecosystem at an Emerging Tech Hub table, explaining the experience and evolution of it. At the table, in addition, personalities from other emerging ecosystems have participated, such as Le French Tech or the city of Toronto in Canada. Valencia has been selected among all the cities of the world as an example of digital transformation and impulse of its technological ecosystem hand in hand with accelerators and startups. Enrique Penichet founder of Bbooster Ventures, venture capital investing in startups, based in Valencia and which in 2010 launched the first acceleration program in Spain, was the speaker called by the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa to share the experience in this edition. Penichet has stressed "the unitary effort of the ecosystem and the public-private collaboration that have achieved the international recognition of Valencia as a vibrant city in technology". The founding partner of Bbooster Ventures has also stated in his speech that it is still an "immature ecosystem where most startups are in the initial phase, and more investment vehicles and ease of access to existing talent are needed. the city, to have a wicker of mature ecosystem that allows more experiences like those of Flywire, MrJeff, Cronoshare or Singularu ". Mr Jeff and Cronoshare have been accelerated by Bbbooster. In the same way, the expert considers necessary to achieve "to go from startups of 50-100 employees to hundreds of them and with volumes of tens of millions of euros". websummit-2000x900-c-center-2000x1000-c-center The round table took place within the exclusive framework of the Think Tank Forum, with a select group of the 59,000 attendees at the Web Summit, which has been chaired by the Portuguese Prime Minister, and participated in it. influential people like François Hollande or billionaire Tim Draper. Web Summit opened the program with an intervention by scientist Stephen Hawking, who warned of the future dominance of artificial intelligence and machines, so that we humans have to lay the foundations and the rules so that they work with us and not our coast.
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