How to reinvent yourself in covid times: Bioinicia opens a plant to manufacture its mask filter 'antivirus'

The pandemic caused by the covid has meant a reinvention of many Valencian companies, which have known how to react according to market needs. This is the case of Bioinicia, a technology company based in Paterna and directed by José María Lagarón, which has gone from being focused on nanofibre technology to the manufacture of masks with 'virucidal' properties that neutralise the covid.

The company, promoted in 2012 by the researcher from the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC), reoriented the company created by his brother to exploit a disruptive technology that allowed the manufacture of nanofibre products. The company began by producing adhesives in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, among other things. However, they saw the need to provide more equipment to be able to apply this technology. 

More information at Valencia Plaza 

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