Call for facilitators (ecosystem) for the South Summit Madrid 2023 booth



VIT Emprende selects facilitating agents to be part of the València Activa stand from 7 to 9 June at South Summit in Madrid. 

This call is an initiative that responds to the institutional will that the stand is a space that makes visible the entrepreneurial fabric that València offers, and thus generate an attraction for companies from around the world to settle and develop their activity in our city. 

The deadline for submitting applications is from 12/05/2022 to 19/05/2023, at 12 noon, with the following requirements.

Requirements to apply for the call for applications:

To be a facilitating entity of startups within the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship in Valencia. Facilitating entities are understood as: accelerators and incubators, startup associations, investment or sectorial.

  1. Be part of the VIT Emprende network. The representatives of the requested entities can/must register, free of charge, at the following link.
  2. Have fiscal and/or social domicile in the city of Valencia.
  3. Do not have, so far, with representation at the event.

All requested information should be sent to the following e-mail address: by Friday, May 19, 2023 at 12:00 noon. Specifying the following data:

  1. Name of the entity
  2. Names and surnames of the possible persons who will travel
  3. Position held in the entity
  4. CNAE of the entity
  5. E-mail, telephone and complete address of the organization
  6. Proposal of participation, including the information detailed below, and attaching the corresponding documents:
    1. Number of startups supported during 2022.
    2. Facilitation and/or support programs for startups during 2022.
    3. List of collaborations with public and/or private entities, for-profit or not-for-profit, open to members of the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  7. Submit the requested supporting documents.
  8. Letter of commitment, signed by a representative of the entity, where it accepts the participation in the event in the following terms:
    1. Availability to remain at the fair on the days of the event during the opening of the fairgrounds to the public.
    2. Provide the necessary resources for travel, lodging and meals for the people of the entity that will travel to the event.

Selection criteria:

For the configuration of the València Activa stand, a distribution will be established among the different agents that is as representative as possible of the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city. The following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Support for the creation, acceleration and/or consolidation of startups during 2022.
  • Commitments acquired with the city of Valencia.


The selected facilitating entities will have a space within the València Activa stand. Each stand will be provided with 2 tickets. 

The entities that finally do not obtain a space will remain as reserves and will be provided with up to 2 tickets for the event, upon request.

The selection of companies and professionals to have a stand at South Summit 2023, will be carried out by the technical staff of Entrepreneurship of the València Activa Foundation. 

In València, May 11th, 2023.

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