Which are the companies and leaders with the best reputation in Spain?

Year after year, Merco, a benchmark monitor in Latin America for its methodology, publishes the ranking of the 100 companies and 100 leaders with the best reputation in Spain. This 2021 list has been compiled after an analysis of more than 47,235 surveys; seven evaluations and 25 sources of information; verified through an independent review by KPMG.

In addition, Merco has had the participation of 1,110 executives from large companies; 77 CEOs and opinion leaders; 76 business journalists; 50 members of government; 57 business professors; 77 financial analysts; 56 social media managers; 90 NGO leaders; 75 trade union leaders; 60 heads of consumer associations; 4. 130 citizens (Merco Consumo); 40,692 workers (Merco Talento) and, as a novelty, it has also included the evaluation of 609 self-employed professionals, directors and owners of SMEs, who have assessed from the point of view of the customer and the supplier.

Full article in Economía 3.

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