Digitise your SME NOW!

We are now at a point of maturity in terms of digitisation where it is no longer necessary to explain the advantages of digitising a business, whether it is an SME or a large one. But it is still important to clarify how to approach this process and what technology is available on the market to do so. According to Carina Szpilka, president of Adigital, "one of the main problems that entrepreneurs have when it comes to digitising their businesses is the "lack of knowledge of the tools and the technological possibilities they offer, as well as the lack of resources to be able to tackle the transformation". A statement that he backs up with the latest data published by the INE: "Only 28.1% of Spanish companies with Internet access were using cloud services in 2019, 10 points below the European average. This is a situation that we cannot afford, as it is for SMEs that the cloud represents the greatest opportunity, allowing them to access cutting-edge technologies and services under similar conditions to those available to large companies".

Full article in Revista Emprendedores.

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