The year 2021 exceeds 4,000 million euros invested in Spanish startups

The year 2021 closes with the highest cumulative number of public operations carried out in Spain in a single year (more than 400) and with more than 4,160 million euros invested in Spanish technology companies. This represents a quadrupling of the figure for each of the three previous years. Each of them amounted to around 1,000 million euros.

These figures mean that there have been many more operations (more than 50) in growth phases, operations in excess of €10m, which has greatly increased the annual accumulated figure. In just six years, investment in Spanish technology companies has increased tenfold, from 428 million euros in 2106, with a total of 139 public operations, to 4,207 million euros in 2021 with 400 public operations.

Full story in El Referente.

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