El fondo PSG entra en Sesame HR para impulsar su internacionalización y salto a EEUU

Sesame HR, the start-up that aims to revolutionize the human resources sector, has raised 10 million euros in a Series A round led by the U.S. fund PSG, which specializes in partnering with software and technology services companies to help accelerate their growth. As elEconomista has learned, the private equity firm has entered as a minority shareholder in the Valencian company while the founding partner maintains control. The capital increase has also been subscribed by other Spanish investors such as Lorenzo Serratosa, from Substrate AI (formerly ZonaValue), the company specialized in artificial intelligence that is preparing its IPO in BME Growth.

Sesame HR optimizes processes related to employee management centralized in a single platform. Through a series of tools and automations, it helps managers, executives and HR professionals to digitize and simplify the most routine tasks so they can spend more time and effort on building the best experience for their employees. 

Full story at elEconomista.es

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