The world to come: the food of the future

Organised by BStartup of Banco Sabadell and the Valencian Association of Startups, El mundo que viene is a monthly meeting point for all types of companies, both innovative and traditional, that wish to anticipate new business and social trends. On 16 October we will talk about the food of the future. 

There is currently a growing trend to opt for the consumption of fortified or functional healthy foods. New sources of protein, healthier foods, personalized diets, etc. are some of the innovations that technologists are working on and that will mark the diet of the future. 
What will the food of the future look like?
Will there be new ways and habits of eating?
Are we moving towards a healthier diet?
Will packaging evolve towards greater sustainability and convenience for the consumer?
Will meat be replaced by new alternative proteins?
What is the level of involvement of companies in the food of the future?
All these questions, among many others, will be debated in this round table moderated by Raúl Martín, Director of KmZero, with the participation of renowned experts in the sector, including Gabriel Vicedo (Co-Founder & CEO of Insectfit) and Cayetano Belso (Founder and CEO of Koroko).
18:00 Welcome 
18:15 Round table: feeding the future
19:15 Networking beer
20:00 End of session


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