VIT Emprende summons entities facilitators of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for its stand at 4YFN of the Mobile World Congress

4yfn2 VIT Emprende, of Valencia Activa, announces a contest to select members of the ecosystem of the innovative venture destined to attend the 4YFN of the Mobile World Congress. The deadline for submitting applications: until Friday, December 1, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. VIT Emprende launches a call to invite members of the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship to be part of the stand that will be available in Barcelona during the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) event of the Mobile World Congress, which will be held from February 26 to March 1. 2018 This call is an initiative that responds to the institutional will of the stand is a space that makes visible the entrepreneurial fabric that València offers, in particular to startups, and also generate a claim for companies around the world to install and develop its activity in the city. 4YFN of the Mobile World Congress is one of the most important international events in the startup sector. The 5th Edition of 4YFN will be represented by more than 200 countries and is consolidated as a reference event for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs as well as for digital and technological emerging companies within the framework of the GSMA Mobile World Congress. Event information: Requirements: • To be a facilitator of startups within the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship in Valencia. It is understood by facilitating entities: associations, accelerators and incubators, coworkings and investors. • Be part of the VIT Emprende Network. The representatives of the requested entities can register for free at the following link: • Have a tax domicile in the city of Valencia. • Do not count, so far, with representation in the event. Selection: For the configuration of the stand, VIT Emprende, Valencia Activa, will establish a distribution among the different actors that is as representative as possible of the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city. For this, it will take into account the following criteria: • Support for the creation, acceleration and / or consolidation of startups during 2017. • Commitments acquired with the city of Valencia. Endowment: The selected facilitators will have a space within the Stand that will have 8 corners, one for each selected entity. The corner of each entity will be equipped with: - Logo and slogan printed identifying the entity in each corner. - Two stools. - A closet. - Individual lighting. - Electrical panel with multiple plugs. - Public Wifi. - Access to the common area of ​​the stand VIT Emprende de València Activa. How, where and when to send the request: All requested information should be sent to the email address: until Friday, December 1, 2017 at 3:00 p.m., specifying the following information: 1. Names and surnames of the possible people who will travel. 2. Position they occupy in the entity 3. CNAE of the entity or autonomous. 4. E-mail, telephone and full address of the entity. 5. Participation proposal, including the information that is detailed below, and attaching the corresponding ones: ◦ Number of startups supported during the year 2017. ◦ Facilitation programs and / or support for startups during the year 2017. ◦ Relationship of collaborations with public and / or private entities, lucrative or not, of open call to members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city. 6. Present the required demonstration documents. 7. Letter of commitment, signed by a representative of the entity, where you accept participation in the event in the following terms: -Availability to stay at the fair on the days of the event. -Facilitate the resources necessary for the movement, accommodation and maintenance of the people of the entity or startups that are part of the team. - Deliver after an evaluation report on attendance at the event.    
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