Focus on SMEs and Entrepreneurship Reactivation of investment in Startups

This Focus on SMEs and Entrepreneurship will take place on Wednesday 30 September at 11:00h online. It is organised by Startup Valencia and CEEI Valencia with funding from IVACE and with the collaboration of various entities from the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of the Valencia Region. We have top national speakers on the subject of business investment such as KFund, Kibo Ventures, Swanalaab Venture Factory, Conexo Ventures, Telefónica-Wayra, JME Ventures, etc.

Investment in startups has been reactivated after the crisis caused by the coronavirus: more than 300% of investment operations by Venture Capital. Has the way of investing changed? Is investment concentrated in certain sectors?

Organised by Startup Valencia and CEEI Valencia under the Focus Pyme y Emprendimiento initiative, the virtual meeting Reactivation of Investment in Startups after COVID-19 will analyse the impact of the global pandemic when it comes to investing in young technology-based companies and how these have had to adapt to the new era.

To this end, the meeting will be attended by national and international representatives of the main investment funds and technology companies. Among them, Miguel Arias, Director of Global Entrepreneurship at Telefónica; Samuel Gil, Partner at JME Ventures; Aquilino Peña, Cofounder & Managing Partner at Kibo Ventures and Martín Varsavsky, CEO at Overture Life.


11:05 to 11:15. Presentation of Capital4Startups and Valencia Investors Day

Santiago Reyna. Keith Venture

Guillermo Garcia. Keith Venture

Nacho More. Startup Valencia

11:15 to 11:45h. Have the rules changed in the new post-covid era?

Miguel Arias. Telefónica

Patricia Pastor. GoHub

José Carol. BStartup Sabadell

11:45 to 12:15. What to expect if you are waiting (close a round) - Prospects for investment in the new reality

Manuel Matés. Big Sur Ventures

Joaquín Durán. Arcane Bluebull

Samuel Gil. JME Ventures

Nico Goulet. Adara Ventures

Javier Megias. Bankinter Foundation of Innovation

12:15 to 12:30. Fireside Chat: Interview of the president of Startup Valencia, Juan Luis Hortelano, with Alberto Gutiérrez (Plug & Play).

Alberto Gutiérrez. Plug & Play

Juan Luis Hortelano. Startup Valencia

12:30 to 13:00. Coexistence Venture Capital and Private Equity in times of transformation

Pablo Ventura. KFund

Dario Villena. Swanlaab Venture Factory

Aquilino Peña. Kibo Ventures

Javier Artiach. Conexo Ventures

Raul Mir. Angela Impact Economy

13:00 to 13:15. Fireside Chat: Interview with Martín Varsavsky by the President of Startup Valencia, Juan Luis Hortelano.

Martin Varsavsky

Juan Luis Hortelano. Startup Valencia

13:15 to 13:30. Conclusions and closure.

Juan Luis Hortelano. Startup Valencia

13:30 to 14:00. Get ready for finance' workshop

Angel Buigues. BStartup

Virginia Sanchez. Zubi Labs


Prior registration through this link is essential 

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