Internxt, the Spanish alternative service to Google Drive and Dropbox

The Spanish startup Internxt, owned by Angels, the investment arm of Juan Roig, founder of Mercadona, seeks to "promote an internet that respects user privacy". This is explained by its founder, the young Fran Villalba, who argues that "the internet today is controlled by technology giants like Google that offer services that are a means to an end. They are services that they use to collect user data in order to profile them better because they really live off the advertising business. And that's something that we don't do. Our services are an end in themselves".

Internxt has launched two services to date. The first, Internxt Drive, is an alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox, among others, which offers cloud storage space that, according to Villalba, protects the security and privacy of users.

Full story in Cinco Días in El País.


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