Investing wisely in companies and startups: four models for 'jumping into the pool'.

Start-ups and early-stage companies have become an asset that, despite still representing a small percentage of investment portfolios, is increasingly finding more and more managers and family offices open to experimenting with the possibilities offered by entering their capital. However, there are different formulas and criteria to tackle the entry into this type of companies with which to 'jump into the pool'.

This was one of the issues addressed in the framework of the 'Innovation & Fintech Forum' of Forinvest, where different business angels such as François Derbaix, from Indexa Capital and Bewater Funds; Enrique Penichet from Draper B1; Máximo Buch, from Sauce Capital SGEIC and Victoria Majadas, from Big Ban Inversores Privados, explained how they came to the world of investment in startups and what their models are. 

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