Start-ups increase by 12% in the Comunitat in a year and now exceed a thousand

The number of start-ups has increased by 12% in the Valencia Region compared to November 2021 and has reached a figure of 1,133, according to data from the Startup Observatory of the Valencia Region drawn up by the Startup Valencia association, which this Tuesday presented a new edition of the Valencia Digital Summit, which will make Valencia the world capital of technological innovation between 24th and 26th October in the City of Arts and Sciences.

The sectors in which this type of company is growing the most are human resources, content and sportstech. In terms of technology, more than 50% of Valencian start-ups develop solutions based on artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things and cloud computing. Nanotechnology and blockchain are the technologies that have grown the most, by 20% compared to 2021.

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