Loriot, the Swiss IoT 'startup' that wants to change the world from València

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the possibility of monitoring everything from the operation of machines to irrigation valves in fields has taken the day-to-day control of both economic and safety activities to another dimension. What might seem to be just an accumulation of connections and data, allows companies and collectives from greater economic efficiency to being able to prevent deaths thanks to greater control.

A path in which the Swiss company Loriot has managed to position itself with its Lorawan technology, a software that enables long-range IoT networks around the world and which has one of its headquarters in Valencia. The company starts from a new technology developed in 2015 in the heat of IBM, where one of its initial partners participated in the development of the protocol. Another of its founders, who came from UBS, saw the potential business model, and that was when they decided to launch the project. 

Full storie in Valencia Plaza


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