Mangrana Ventures develops a medical diagnostic app through drawings

This is a virtual primary care application that does not use written language, aimed at the population that does not speak majority languages or cannot read

The startup Mangrana Ventures has developed a mobile medical diagnostic application based on drawings to be easily accessible to everyone. It is a global virtual application for primary care that does not use written language, oriented to the population that does not speak majority languages or cannot read. "We want everyone to be able to access it and know if what is happening to them is serious or not, and therefore if they need to go to the doctor urgently", explains Laura Sampietro, Chief Innovation/Scientific Officer of the Barcelona company.

The application guides the user through images to reach a "presumptive diagnosis", which is not revealed to the patient, who is only informed if he needs urgent medical assistance or not. The app is based on the 23 symptoms "which represent 90% of the cases of consultation to the emergency services of a hospital" and can process up to 336 diagnoses. Based on Artificial Intelligence, it has more than 3,000 images to identify the possible ailments of users and also allows tracking of the disease in case the symptoms vary. Sampietro also explains that they have included specificities to identify the symptoms of Covid-19.

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