Miguel Ángel Cintas and Atribus, the 'social listening' SaaS used by Valencia CF to Segittur

Sixth episode of the second season of Startup Valencia, the innovation and entrepreneurship podcast of the Valencian Community of Plaza Radio in collaboration with the Valencian association of startups. A second season in which, each week, we will talk to an actor of the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

In this episode we interview Miguel Ángel Cintas, co-founder and CMO of Atribus, a social listening tool for areas such as tourism, sports, or politics. Miguel Ángel Cintas, who holds a degree in Business Management and Marketing from ESIC, has more than a decade of experience in the Marketing area. We talked with him about the beginnings of the company, what has meant its entry in Lanzadera and how its technology helps decision making.

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