Molo, the Valencian spark of electric motorcycles

The company has competed for a year in the rental of mopeds and already has 1,400 daily journeys | The project has just joined the former national president of Mercedes, who today represents the Daimler automobile group in Spain and Latin America

When you think of electricity, almost all the topics come to mind; spark, discharge, current, energy ... but from now on you can add Valencia. The new forms of mobility have changed the urban landscape in the cities and have generated new scenarios of coexistence between traditional means of transport, such as cars and buses; Reinvented, like the scooters; or classic, like the bicycle.

However, also the transformation has taken place in the force that drives them. Human and animal traction was replaced by the use of solid fuels and is now being slowly displaced by the presence of electrical units. Thus, beyond the skate, many users are having their first experiences with this new impulse force with the rental or 'share' motorcycles.

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