Myturn, an app for managing capacity in communal pools

Myturn is a new application for the management of community swimming pools in accordance with current health regulations, allowing residents to enjoy their facilities in compliance with the law and in complete safety. The proposal has been developed by the entrepreneurs Oscar Aguilera from StartGo Connection (CMO), Gaspar Fernandez de Binarideas (CTO) and Fernando Gomez (CEO) when analysing that there would be many buildings that could not open their facilities, as they lack the necessary resources for the management of shared spaces. This app was born from the teleworking of three entrepreneurs, located in Malaga and Valencia.

The Myturn application regulates and controls who is in the facility by limiting the gauging to what is indicated in the health regulations. This way, residents who want to go to your community pool must reserve their turn by accessing the app. This will give you the reservation for a range of time, allowing everyone who wants to enjoy the leisure space without exceeding the capacity.

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