Business opportunities in the world of superfood

In the Department of Santander (Colombia) they are worried because one of the cultural symbols of their gastronomy, the culonas ants, seems to refuse to leave the anthill this year. One of the causes would be climate change with an alarming reduction in the population of culonas, a source of protein and a mark of identity of the population since the times of the indigenous people.

It is not the only culture that incorporates insects into its diet. Although some may find it repugnant, grasshoppers, silkworms, black ants, flies or crickets could be integrated into a healthier diet than the one we usually consume, while contributing to the sustainability of the planet and eradicating hunger in the world.

Trillions is a Valencian startup that aims to revolutionise the world of sports nutrition by consuming its protein bars and balls made from cricket flour and other insects. Founded by Gabriel Vicedo Cornello and Albert Mas Gomis, they argue that there are already more than 200 million people in the world who consume insects in their regular diet and that more than half the content of cricket flour is protein.

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