OuiShare Fest Barcelona

ouishare The next 15, 16 and 17 November 2017, OuiShare Fest Barcelona returns to the Barcelona Activa Technology Park. 'Society in beta' is the 'claim' of this edition in which they put energy into the challenges facing the new citizen empowered by technology and how it is changing consumption habits, behaviors and the organization of society. During the three days of the event, will bring together innovators, researchers, start-ups, companies, entrepreneurs and public administrations to deal, from a holistic point of view, what are the challenges, needs and opportunities that we face in this society in transition so that, among all, we look for answers. OuiShare is committed to constructing a constructive critical discourse that reconciles innovation and social progress, generating spaces for conversation among all the actors that are leading the digital and collaborative transformation. FOUR THEMATIC AXES EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION New educational models - Active learning - Skills of the future. FUTURE OF WORK New business models - Decentralized organizations - Collaboration networks. SOCIETY IN TRANSITION Communities - Citizen Science - Civictech. CONSCIOUS LIFE From self to us - Self-knowledge - Change of habits. START-UP CORNER MENTORIZATION WITH GOOGLE DEVELOPER EXPERTS OuiShare Fest incorporates this year a space of "pitch" responsible collaborative start-ups. Winning start-ups will participate in a 4-hour demo that will help them visualize their pilot with Google's Design Sprint methodology in charge of two expert Google google developers. RETHINK & REMIX THE FUTURE OF ORGANIZATIONS AND THE POWER OF COLLABORATION The explosion of collaborative models makes new business models and management methods possible, at the same time that new forms of work and organization emerge that, well understood and used, generate incredibly positive results. OPEN AND FREE DAY UNIVERSITIES HACKED EDUCATION On the afternoon of Friday, November 17, OuiShare Fest Barcelona opens to the university public. We launched an open invitation to discuss the 'Society in Beta' with its main protagonists, the young people connected.
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