Procedure to participate and have a stand at VLC Startup Market 2021 (23rd and 24th October)

The València Activa Foundation, through the VIT Emprende Network, is organising the third edition of the VLC Startup Market on 23 and 24 October 2021 in the Town Hall Square with the aim of bringing the talent of the VITe community of Entrepreneurs of Valencia to the public.

VLC Startup Market will turn the emblematic Town Hall Square into a great showcase for startups, thus bringing all the innovation and technology being developed in Valencia closer to the public.

This multidisciplinary and opportunity-generating event, which will bring together startups, companies, investors and public entities with civil society, will allow Valencian entrepreneurial projects to be showcased to society.

The VLC Startup Market aims to make Valencians feel proud of their local talent, which is internationally recognised but which must also be valued at a local level.


  1. Object

València Activa, through VIT Emprende, will make the Town Hall Square available to startups. In this space 50 startups will have, free of charge, stands where they can show their products and solutions to the public.

During the weekend of 23rd and 24th October, the Town Hall Square will be filled with activities for all ages, in an event where technology, innovation and talent will be the protagonists.

In addition, companies will participate in a #StartupBattle where companies will be able to present their projects on the main stage in front of an expert jury and the people attending the event.


Name of the event: VLC Startup Market 2021


Date and place of the exhibition: València Town Hall Square, 23rd and 24th October 2021.


  1. Participants

Eligibility requirements:

  • To be part of the VIT Emprende network. Applicants must be registered and/or register, free of charge, at the following link:

  • Have fiscal and/or social domicile and/or residence in the municipality of Valencia or accredit having participated in an innovative entrepreneurship and/or technological incubation or acceleration programme, public or private, in the city of Valencia.

  • Have their own active products on the market or at a very advanced stage in order to be able to exhibit them at the stand.

  • Companies and/or professionals must be incorporated prior to submitting their application.

  • They must fill in the general application form confirming the requirements and attach all the required information.


How, where and when to apply:

All the information requested must be completed in the following form

By Monday 20 September 2021 at 14:00, specifying the following information:

  1. Name and CNAE of the entity

  2. Contact person: (Name, telephone and e-mail)

  3. Names and surnames of the possible persons who will participate in the virtual stand, and the position they hold in the organisation.

  4. E-mail, telephone and full address of the organisation

  5. Descriptive information about the company and the products to be exhibited at the stand. Max. 60 words, in Spanish, Valencian and English.

  6. Submit the requested supporting documents. In the case of the address and date of registration of the activity (certificate of census status, 036 or 037, etc.).

  7. Letter of commitment, signed by a representative of the entity, accepting participation in the event in the following terms:

    1. Availability to stay at the event on the days of the event

    2. Subsequently submit an evaluation report on attendance at the event

  8. Logo in vector format (png. or editable) maximum 1 megabyte. If available, send also the negative version of the logo.Página web 

  9. Social media

  10. An image of your products or services in .jpeg format 800x400 and maximum 1 megabyte.

  11. Sector/Activity to organise your location within the event.

    1. Agrotech/Foodtech

    2. Cibersecurity

    3. Cleantech / Energy / Sustainability

    4. Design / Fashion

    5. Ecommerce

    6. Edtech

    7. Fintech / Insurtech / Legaltech

    8. Gaming / Entertainment / eSports

    9. Health / Wellbeing / Medtech / SportsTech

    10. Industry 4.0 / Logistic / Mobility / Automotive

    11. Marketing / Media / Content

    12. Social Impact

    13. Talent

    14. Traveltech / Tourism

    15. Hardware

    16. Software

    17. Others


València Activa offers the entrepreneurial ecosystem of València 50 spaces in which startups or innovative companies will have at their disposal:

  • A stand where they can interact with visitors during the event.
  • Brand and product diffusion through the event's websites and social networks.
  • Participation #StartupBattle on the main stage

     3. Selection criteria

The selection of companies and professionals to have a stand at the VLC Startup Market 2021, will be carried out by the technical staff of Entrepreneurship of the Fundación València Activa, according to the following criteria:

By strict order of arrival of the applications, and as long as it meets all the requirements listed above.

The rest of the applications will be reserved in order of arrival. They may be incorporated into the stand in the event of any voluntary resignation among the selected companies and professionals.

    4. Communication of the selection

The decision on the selection of participants will be published on the website and we will contact the beneficiary companies/professionals.

They will be informed of the characteristics of the space (m2, access to electricity, etc.), once they are informed that they have been selected.

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