Resolution of the call for startups to participate in DreamHack València 2022



The València Activa foundation, through VIT Emprende, has selected 3 Valencian startups to showcase their products and services at the DreamHack event, from 1 to 3 July, to show, through their stand, the entrepreneurial, innovative and technological talent of the city of Valencia.

DreamHack València, the largest video game and digital leisure festival in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, joins forces with València Activa to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the gamer sector in València. In this way, the festival will be attended by five Valencian start-ups dedicated to video games. The aim of this action is to give visibility to these new business initiatives so that other companies or investors can get to know them and invest in them. These projects will be present at the València Activa stand at DreamHack.

DreamHack València, which will take place at Feria València between 1 and 3 July, is the perfect link between technology companies, gamers, young people and investors. Betting on innovation, technology and the future is part of the essence of DreamHack, which is why València Activa has been collaborating with the festival for several years. The main objective of the València Activa space will be to provide the opportunity for technology and digital companies from València to exhibit at the event so that they can give visibility to their projects, establish business relationships and test the state of the competition. 

This call is an initiative that responds to the institutional will to actively promote emerging initiatives and new creators.

A total of 3 applications have been submitted in accordance with the selection criteria established in the call published on the VIT Emprende website with the following requirements:

Requirements to apply for the call:

  • To be part of the VIT Emprende network. Applicants must be registered and/or register, free of charge, at the following link.
  • Have fiscal and/or social domicile and/or residence in the municipality of Valencia or accredit having participated in an innovative entrepreneurship programme, design, public or private, in the city of Valencia.
  • Have their own active products on the market or at a very advanced stage in order to be able to exhibit them at the stand.
  • Not be represented at the event to date.
  • Companies and/or professionals must be incorporated prior to submitting their application.


How, where and when to send the application:

All the information requested should be sent to:

Until Wednesday 13 June 2022 at 12 noon, specifying the following details:

  • Name and CNAE of the entity.
  • E-mail, telephone number and full address of the organisation.
  • Contact person (name, telephone and e-mail).
  • Names and surnames of the possible people who will participate in the stand, and the position they hold in the organisation.
  • Logo of the start-up or company in vector format.
  • Descriptive information about the company and images of the products to be exhibited at the stand. Max. 60 words, in Spanish, Valencian and English.
  • Submit the requested supporting documents. In the case of the address and date of registration of the activity (certificate of census status, resolution of registration as self-employed, etc.).
  • Letter of commitment, signed by a representative of the entity, accepting participation in the event in the following terms:
    • Willingness to remain at the fair on the days the event is held during the opening of the exhibition centre to the public.
    • To provide the necessary resources for the travel, accommodation and meals of the people from the organisation who will be travelling to the event.
    • Subsequently deliver an evaluation report on attendance at the event.


Selection criteria:

The selection of the startups, companies and professionals that will form part of the València Activa stand will be carried out by the technical staff of the València Activa Foundation. The following criteria will be taken into account:

That they are framed within the following sectors: 

  • 10 points: e-sports or video game development.
  • 8 points: Animation, virtual or augmented reality.
  • 5 points: other areas related to the sector

Date of incorporation:

  • 10 points: After 1 January 2020
  • 5 points: Prior to 1 January 2020

In the event of a tie in the assessment, priority will be given to the order in which the applications were received.



The València Activa stand will have 5 spaces in which the startups or innovative companies will be able to have:

  1. Exhibition space with a 120x80 table to display their products.
  2. Electricity and internet access.
  3. 5 tickets for the team of the startup or innovative company.
  4. 15 invitations to the event


In accordance with the above indications and following the requirements to obtain the exhibition space, the selected startups are:

  3. GBEST


This provisional proposal of resolution does not create any rights in favour of the beneficiary entity or the selected or reserved candidates, until the corresponding definitive resolution of concession has been published. No appeal may be lodged against this proposal, as a procedural act, in accordance with the provisions of Article 112.1 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October.


In València, 23 June 2022.


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