Resolution of the call for collaborations in the VLC Startup Market 2022




VIT Emprende has selected the collaborating companies to be part of the VLC STARTUP MARKET on 15 and 16 October 2022 in Valencia.

A total of 23 applications have been submitted according to the selection criteria established in the call published on the VIT Emprende website on 20 July 2022 with the following requirements.


Criteria for selection:

1. Object

Name of the event: VLC Startup Market 2022


Date and place of the exhibition: Plaza del Ayuntamiento de València, next 15th and 16th October 2022.


València Activa, through VIT Emprende, will put the Town Hall Square at the disposal of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and Valencian talent.

During the weekend of the 15th and 16th, the Town Hall Square will be filled with activities for all ages, in an event where technology, innovation and talent will be the protagonists.

That's why we open the possibility of collaborating with this event from different areas in which to show your talent, your product, your knowledge in areas such as technology, science, education and innovation to all citizens.


2. How, where and when to apply:

All the information requested must be completed on the form available on the website until 12 noon on 12 September 2022.


3. Participants

They have to fill in the general application form where they confirm their commitment to attend at the agreed times and attach all the information required by València Activa.


4. In which areas can you collaborate


5. Endowment


  • Participate in a space within the 450M2 of exhibition area destined to bring the most avant-garde Valencian technology during the opening hours of the event 15 and 16 October 2022. Here you will be able to show your product, latest technological trend and/or innovative products and solutions; in order to interact with visitors during the development of the event. Priority will be given to those with the highest technological and innovative component.

  • Provide with the application Image of your "products" in jpeg format (800x400pixels) maximum 1mb

  • Provide a short 40-50 word description of your products together with the impact generated by your innovation.

  • Dissemination of brand and products through the event's websites and social networks.

*It will be necessary to have finished product ready to be tested/used/exhibited to the general public.


  • Participate with a space within the more than 100m2 of children's workshop area at the agreed times on 15 and 16 October to showcase science, technology, robotics, innovation and experimentation for children of all ages and needs.

  • Dissemination of the brand and products through the event's websites and social networks.

  • It will be necessary to provide a 50-word explanation of the workshop, the innovation, the skills that will be acquired with it, the age group it is aimed at.

  • Image of your "products to be used in the workshops" in jpeg format (800x400pixels) 1mb maximum.

*All staff dealing with minors must comply with current legislation and be accredited with their application.


  • Participate in a slot within the different scenarios in the town hall square to offer presentations, round tables, talks during the 15th or 16th of October that revolve around Valencian entrepreneurial talent, the Valencian ecosystem, the connection between different forms of knowledge and innovation practices, success stories of Valencian booming sectors, as well as public-private work for the success of Valencian economic and entrepreneurial growth. With people of reference and leaders in the field. Proposals may be presented in Spanish, Valencian and English.

    It will be necessary to specify title, descriptive text of 40-50 words, entities and people of the presentation, talk or round table.


6. Selection criteria

The selection of the entities and professionals collaborating in the different areas of the VLC Startup Market 2022 will be carried out by the technical staff of Entrepreneurship of the Fundación València Activa. Priority will be given to those with the greatest technological and innovative component and impact on Valencian entrepreneurship.


7. Communication of the selection

The selection of collaborating entities and professionals will be published on the website and we will contact those entities or professionals chosen for each area.

They will be informed of the characteristics of the assigned space (m², access to electricity, etc. as well as the agreed timetable), at the same time as they will be informed that they have been selected for each space.

8. Security and limitations

The awarded companies will be responsible for any damage caused to third parties as a result of their activity, both by themselves and by the personnel in their charge, and must compensate any damages caused to third parties. 

In order to collaborate in the exhibition area as well as in the children's workshops, it is necessary to have civil liability insurance in case of working with minors, all personnel must comply with the current legislation for the protection of minors who are in charge of them. The minimum insured capital to cover the risks of the activity will be 100,000 euros.

The organisation reserves the right to limit the exhibitions, workshops or conferences proposed by the entities, companies and/or professionals.


In accordance with the above indications and following the requirements to obtain the space, the selected collaborations are:

Children's area

  1. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

  2. DonDJ

  3. Proyecto A (Edtech, S.L.)



  1. Global StartupCities initiative

  2. Founder Institute Valencia

  3. talenTeal

  4. Zeus – Smart Visual Data

  5. Sesame HR

  6. Invest València


  8. Startup Valencia

  9. Finnova Foundation

  10. Marina de Empresas


Technological area

  1. Quasar Dynamics, S.L.

  2. Fun 360

  3. Ideas UPV.


Derivatives market area

  1. Miivo Mobility

  2. La Finesse Truffles



  1. Valua Arts & Crafts SL

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