VALENCIA, CITY of Accelerators

InnDEA, together with the UPV, prepares a study on the situation of startups in the city of Valencia.

A report by InnDEA states that the Valencian accelerators have launched nearly 200 startups since 2010 that have generated more than 700 jobs.

  The InnDEA Valencia Foundation as part of the Chair of the City of Valencia Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) initiative, is working on a study conducted by the Center for Research in Business Administration from the UPV (CEGEA) about the situation os startups located at our city. This study is based on a survey of startups that have participated at programs of the accelerators located at the city, dealing with "their concerns, needs and thus to support its promotion, dissemination and design actions that contribute to their growth and consolidation, and therefore, also to the whole innovative entrepreneurial ecosistem," said the director of InnDEA, Paula Llobet. In advance of this study, InnDEA Foundation, through its VIT Emprende network, has prepared a summary of the activity developed by the different accelerators at the city since the creation of the first one in 2010. Thus, in less than five years they "have released 190 startups, which have generated a total of 730 jobs, with a turnover exceeding 19 million euros and 25 million business investment recruitment," said Paula Llobet. InnDEA director stressed that one of the most remarkable figure is that the survival rate of all startups launched from the Valencian accelerator is greater than 96%, "which is an indisputable success of the work of these accelerators, as well as the innovative features of the start-ups launched and, consequently, the interest of their services, "appointed. In summary the participation of each of the accelerators in these global figures is specified. Thus, the oldest, Business Booster, "shows the greatest turnover and has generated a total of EUR 10 million in its nine editions, in sectors as diverse as health, sports, collaborative consumption, finance, PPPs, mobility, marketing, entertainment, software and food, among others, "stated Paula Llobet. Furthermore, together with Plug & Play Spain, both of them have generated the most relevant amount of jobs, "a total of 250 each one," she noted. The latter, created in 2012 and with already six calls launched, has attracted the largest amount of funding, totaling 10 million euros. In both, the survival rate is very high, 96% and 98%, respectively. "In addition, Plug & Play has also accelerated startups in sectors such as services, sports, food, collaborative consumption, finance, entertainment, marketing or PPP, among others," stated Paula Llobet. In 2013 two accelerators of local origin came into play: Demium shuttle and Startups. Despite the short history of both, the first one has launched "three calls generating 79 jobs in 18 startups, with a turnover of 3.3 million euros", stressed Llobet. On the other hand, Demium stands out for "a survival rate of 100% of the startups launched in seven editions, but also stands for having generated 91 jobs in 18 companies, which have generated a turnover of one million euros", has added. Lanzadera has focused so far in six -fashion sectors, sports, technology, entertainment, health, and services and Demium reached ten: sports, tourism, fashion, marketing, ICC, ICT, collaborative economy, health, Smart Cities and IoT. In the same year 2013, the Climate KIC network, "despite not being an accelerator itself", began a work in Valencia accelerating startups in our city. Climate KIC is the main initiative of the EU climate and innovation policy, through projects such as Climate KIC Accelerator, has managed to launch in two calls, 46 startups in sectors related to mitigating climate change and adaptation. "Their survival rate is 99% and it has generated a turnover of 5 million euros, the second highest figure of all accelerator working in Valencia," appointed Paula Llobet. In any case, "the key question is not about which accelerator supports startups more than the others, but to focus on the great effort that all of them do to get that business from our entrepreneurs endure over time, get to develop their business and reach success ", has defended Paula Llobet. InnDEA director has highlighted that the work of all the accelerators "is laudable and getting to Valencia stand out on the national scene as a city of accelerators and therefore, as a city that has a strong and collaborative innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, well-structured ". INNDEAinfographicENGbaja
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