Valencia joins the international community City AI

2ValenciaAI Valencia AI will be the first local community in Artificial Intelligence within the international network, City AI. The opening session will be on September 13 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Veles e Vents building. Sign up for free here After London, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong or Singapore, City AI, the international community of Artificial Intelligence, creates Valencia AI by the hand of VIT Emprende and Solver Machine Learning.   PROGRAM 17.00 Roberto Paredes. Iniciativa Valencia.AI 17.00 Sandra Gómez, concejala de Empredimiento del Ayuntamiento de Valencia 17.20 Patricia Pastor.  VIT Emprende 17.30 Diego Sáez. Mesbook 17.50 Alex Tatay. Blinkfire 18.10 David Millán. Emotion Research Lab 18.30 Ángel Lis. Neuronal Bite 18:50 Jordi Mansanet. Solver Machine Learning 19.10 Andrés L. Martínez Ortiz. Google   In this first inaugural session, we will introduce you to the initiatives of the City AI community, a community of more than 20 cities that share discoveries in applied AI and connect you with international partners. That's why we organized Valencia AI, to help discover trends and knowledge on how to apply Artificial Intelligence in products and services and direct collaboration in this field among emerging companies, developers, corporations, investors and researchers. Once the data analysis and visualization phase (Big Data) is over, it is time to anticipate and be able to predict with your data what will happen in the future of your company. The actual machine learning time arrives for real companies. Artificial Intelligence allows you to know through your data that will happen in the future of your company. From anticipating the failure of a machine, predict the behavior of your users by their comments; Automatically launch customized offers for each client on your website and automate processes. Sign up for free here
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