VALENCIA world epicenter of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning this week

IMG_7759 Valencia is this week the epicenter of innovation thanks to VIT Emprende the network of Valencia Activa of Valencia City Council is the impeller of two events of worldwide reference: Valencia AI, organized by the Valencian company Solver Machine Learning, and which is part of the global network City AI of Artificial Intelligence; and on the other hand, Valencia Summer School Machine Learning of BigML, an American company based in Valencia. Two events that have managed to attract more than 400 people interested in knowing the latest advances in these two disciplines that are changing the world. More than 200 people, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, etc., attended yesterday the presentation of Valencia AI, the event organized by the Valencian company Solver Machine Learning and VIT Emprende. Today, the 3rd edition of the Valencian Summer School begins in Machine Learning, organized by BigML and VITEmprende, attended by more than 200 people from 14 countries representing 96 private companies and 27 academic institutions. In the presentation of Valencia AI, the Councilor of Entrepreneurship of Valencia City Council, Sandra Gómez, explained that "we want to make Valencia a reference for innovation and technology at an international level. From the City Council we promote initiatives such as these capable of attracting talent from all over the world and turning Valencia into the epicenter of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, two disciplines that are revolutionizing the industry, transforming the economy and the world. We work to attract talent, investments and opportunities to grow our business fabric. " Valencia is already part of City AI, the International Network for Artificial Intelligence that seeks to promote the development of high value-added companies based on AI at the local level. City AI is made up of 30 cities around the world including London, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and now Valencia. Roberto Paredes Founding Partner of Solver Machine Learning, stated that "we have managed to enter this outstanding community of Artificial Intelligence but we need the involvement of all: institutions, companies and citizens to consolidate Valencia as a real international technological benchmark." Valencian Startups who are already successfully applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning yesterday shared their experiences with more than 200 attendees. Diego Sáez de Eguilaz explained that Mesbook works in Industry 4.0, and that they are already applying Artificial Intelligence in factories in Valencia and are getting them to save up to 40% of their costs in their production processes. David Millán CTO of Emotion Research Lab detailed how this Valencian startup is successfully applying Artificial Intelligence to analyze emotions and moods, and how private and political companies are improving their results thanks to it. Blinkfire is another Valencian company that explained Alex Tatay is applying Artificial Intelligence to analyze the impact of brand exposure on social networks and how this analysis is allowing them to optimize their results. Tatay said Blinkfire has received investment and are looking for talent to expand its equipment. In Neuronal Bite, according to Angel Lis, Artificial Intelligence is used to work with quality data and obtain quality results that apply to marketing to improve the profits of companies. The latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that are reaching the world of industry analyzed them for the attendees Jordi Mansanet, CTO of Solver Machine Learning, the co-organizing company of the event, which is already applying them with excellent results. The event was closed by Andrés L. Martínez, a Google developer who revealed how the technological giant is working with Artificial Intelligence and how it is promoting initiatives for developers in Europe and Latin America and facilitating innovation processes and new business models. On the other hand, today two intense days of learning in Machine Learning begin in the III Edition of Valencian Summer School in Machine Learning organized by BigML that will be developed, during today and tomorrow Friday, September 15, in the Veles e Vents building. vss BigML, a leader in Machine Learning based in Valencia since 2015, actively participates in educational programs helping professionals and students to begin their learning through multiple means, for example, with schools and courses of machine learning such as that is developed these days in Valencia. Two intense days of training to learn about the latest advances in Machine Learning. In addition, the challenges of the future will be addressed, as the implementation of Machine Learning is provoking a new wave of productivity growth that is transforming all sectors of the economy. The event will be attended by Enrique Dans, one of the most recognized information systems teachers in the world, who will give a presentation on Thursday 14 at 18:00 hours on Machine Learning applied to the real world, the digital transformation that are suffering millions of businesses and how they are changing their work processes.
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