Vardier consolidates its position as a benchmark in fashion 'porsiacasos'.

How many times have you had to leave the house prepared for any unforeseen event? Taking a jacket in case it gets cold or a mackintosh in case it rains, carrying a change of clothes in your travel bag in case you lose your suitcase... these are garments that are sometimes uncomfortable to wear, hanging from your shoulders or arm, or that take up a lot of space in your bag. That's why María Martí and Arturo Gómez-Lechón, creators of Vardier, decided to do something different, practical, comfortable and fashionable. "Vardier is the 'just in case' brand. Fashion foldable on itself to the size of a mobile phone and without wrinkles, to always carry in your bag or suitcase, for 'just in case': In case it cools down, in case it rains, in case you get stained... a thousand unexpected situations, which Vardier will be there to help you and make sure you are always fashionable. It is a useful and practical product that is always with you", says María Martí.

A startup that has led them to win the award for Best Fashion / Textile / Design Startup in the latest edition of the VLC Startup Awards. "Winning the award at the VLC Startup Awards is for us a recognition of all the work we have done with great enthusiasm since we started the project. It is a motivation to move forward with Vardier with an award that boosts us as an innovative brand within the fashion sector. It gives value to all the effort behind Vardier", say the creators of this Valencian startup.

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