VIT Emprende and VLC Tech City will have an open space at the Forinvest Fair, the largest financial-business networking space in the country. Event in which the best experts will reflect on the present and future of the sector, the next 3rd and 4th of March and 2020 Feria València.

Forinvest starts with La Noche de las Finanzas, the great gala of the economic, business, financial, social and political world. More than 400 personalities gather in an event in which the Forinvest Awards are given to outstanding professionals from the world of economy and business. In addition, the Night of Finance includes a keynote speech from outstanding companies that tell of their own experience as successful entrepreneurs from humble origins. The event is made up of 5 large forums aimed at different professional profiles where, in addition to the conferences, there is a large exhibition area that brings together the best offer of everything related to the world of finance, from financial products and services, investments, advice, insurance and technological solutions. Specifically, the forum that we are responsible for is the Innovation and Fintech forum, a networking space where you can learn about success stories, companies to invest in and expand your network of contacts, between entrepreneurs and investors.
VIT Emprende will have an open space where 15 startups from the Valencian ecosystem will be able to exhibit their solutions.

- To be a member of the VIT Emprende network prior to the presentation of the application.
- Startups must be established prior to the submission of the application.
- That the fiscal address of the same is in the municipality of Valencia or accredit having participated in some innovative and/or technological incubation or acceleration program, public or private, of the city of Valencia.
- They must have their products and/or services active in the market so that they can exhibit them at the stand.
- Not to count, until the moment, with representation in the event.

Selection criteria: 
The selection of the startups that will have space to have a stand will be carried out by the technical staff of the Entrepreneurship Section of the Fundación Valencia Activa, according to the following criteria
- Fulfilling the requested requirements
- Degree of innovation and differentiation of the solution and/or products
- Valuable that it is in the investment attraction phase

How, where and when to send the application:
All requested information should be sent to the following email address: 
Until next Tuesday 18 February at 3 p.m., specifying the following information:

1. Name of startup
2. Name and surname of the people who will attend the event.
3.    Positions held in the entity
4.    CNAE of the entity and date of incorporation.
5.    E-mail, telephone and complete address of the entity.
6.    Send the logo in vector format (png or similar)
7.    Letter of commitment, signed by a representative of the entity, accepting participation in the event under the following terms:

- availability to stay at the fair on the days the event is held
- to provide an evaluation report on attendance at the event after the event.

*It is essential that you send the logo to accept the request, otherwise it will be rejected. 

The list of beneficiary startups to have a stand at the event will be published on February 19th.

The selected startups will have a stand in the València Activa space. The corner of each entity will be equipped with:

- Printed logo identifying the entity, in each corner
- two stools
- public wifi

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