VLC Tech City is going to elaborate the interactive knowledge map of the Valencian Region

VLC Tech City, the collaborative platform promoted by the Innovative Development Area to "position Valencia as a technological and innovative hub", is going to draw up the interactive knowledge map of the Valencian Community, a project funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency as part of the complementary actions to promote and strengthen innovation, with CEEI València, Redit, Valencia Chamber of Commerce, the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia as collaborating entities.

This new tool will unify all the existing maps to "help companies to find entities that can offer them innovation support services that meet their needs in the simplest way". It is a unique, interactive and geolocated map of knowledge, which brings together all the necessary data so that anyone who needs it can easily and clearly find out which universities, institutes and research centres are available in the Valencian Community, what their capacities are, what projects they are working on, what lines of research they are carrying out, and what technologies they are focusing their development efforts on, the consistory has detailed in a statement.

Full article in Valencia Plaza.

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