On 11 February, on the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we will have the WOMANATION online day in collaboration with the City of Valencia through València Activa and with the participation of Technovation Girls CV, Women4Tech of the Finnova Foundation, the Founders Association and the Valencian Engineering Board with its project Yo, Ingeniera, to bring Science and Technology closer to schools.

If you are an educational centre you will have an educational and fun school day. The event focuses on activities in parallel digital rooms aimed at school students, in which participants from Spontaneous Generation of the UPV (Hyperloop, FSUPV, AZALEA, Makers, etc.), the American Space Valencia, Schneider Electric, EDICOM, ESERO or GOOGLE among other entities, will conduct various workshops with activities, dynamics, "scapes rooms" and presentations of projects and educational competitions, interactively with the classrooms of schools.


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