Creativity. Digital Skills. Innovation.

Factory Start-up is a face-to-face, digital learning program aimed at the development of skills, competences and tools for different professional profiles interested in a digital transformation of the innovation and new technologies sectors. Designed and taught entirely by women and men entrepreneurs working at consolidated start-ups, this program will be shortly available.


The Basic Program will connect you with the Start-up ecosystem, as well as help you become a professional specialist of the digital world.

8 weeks

FRIDAY afternoon + SATURDAY Morning

4h theory + 4h Practice

Training program

Day 1 - Thursday Sept. 28th.
VITe Welcoming session. Overview of the Start-up ecosystem
Day 2 - Friday Sept. 29th.
Practical Workshop: team dynamics
Day 3 - Thursday Oct. 5th
High-Impact Entrepreneurship
Day 4 - Friday Oct. 6th
Practical workshop on High-Impact Social Entrepreneurship- The Theory of Change
Day 5 - Thursday Oct. 19st.
Do you have what it takes to be a CEO?
Day 6 - Friday Oct. 20nd.
Good practices, methodology and implementation for CEOs
Day 7 - Thursday Oct. 26th
Prototyping. Creating my first MVP
Day 8 - Friday Oct. 27th.
Idea- Problem-Solution
Day 9 - Thursday Nov. 2th.
The “Tech-Team”
Day 10 - Friday Nov. 3th.
Technical tools
Day 11 - Thursday Nov. 11th.
What do you need to do marketing in a startup?
Day 12 - Friday Nov. 8th.
Layout of Marketing Plans
Day 13 - Thursday Nov. 16th.
What could I sell? To whom? Why should they buy it?
Day 14 - Friday Nov. 17th.
Assignment on sales presentation
Day 15 - Friday Nov. 24th.
Exhibition of projects.


Javier Megias
CEO Startupxplore
Antonio Huerta
CEO Redcore
Margarita Albors
Directora SocialNest
Sunil Mahtani
Co-founder Beroomers
Guillermo Ruiz
CEO Beroomers
Hector Badal
COO Yeeply
Fernando Marzal
CEO Mobincube
Patricia Pastor
Resp. Vit Emprende
Chaume Sanchez.
CEO GeeksHubs
Asun Sanchis.
Coord. Gla. SocialNest
Ismael Teijón.
Proj. Manager Demium
Ismael Labrador.
CMO y Co-fundador
Raquel Bernal.
Project Manager
Bbooster Ventures.
Victor Donet.
Startup expert
Bbooster Ventures.

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