20 business ideas can benefit from the Cooperative Llamp Program grants in 2022

The second call of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program Llamp Ames, financed and promoted by the General Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Generalitat Valenciana, has been opened. In this new call, the Valencian Federation of Worker Cooperative Enterprises (FEVECTA) will once again offer advisory and mentoring services to new entrepreneurial initiatives and young cooperatives to help consolidate them and accelerate their growth.

In last year's call, 20 Valencian cooperative initiatives were beneficiaries who received from FEVECTA's Entrepreneurship Service a package of services completely free of charge and tailored to the needs of each initiative in 5 areas: Development of the business model, financial planning, digital proposal, value proposition in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals and cooperative growth vectors. 

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