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Christian García Almenar, the Valencian who protects us from hackers

17 de Octubre de 2019

The Valencian entrepreneur Christian García Almenar decided to go to San Francisco to fulfill a dream and ended up leading a cybersecurity startup that has now bought a company from the Dell multinational

Begins the new edition of Factory Startup Advanced, a municipal entrepreneurship program with 450 places

15 de Octubre de 2019

The Factory Startup digital learning programme kicks off its advanced phase this Wednesday, 16 October, to promote talent and digital skills in the city of Valencia. This initiative, with 450 places and aimed at startup entrepreneurs in the growth phase, is promoted by the City Council of Valencia, through València Activa and the network VIT Emprende, in collaboration with the Valencian Association of Startups.

María José Félix will direct the UV Business Culture Chair

15 de Octubre de 2019

The Cátedra de Cultura Empresarial de la Universitat de València (UV) has appointed the general director of Helados Estiu, María José Félix, as the new academic director of the course Qui pot ser empresari? She is the first woman to hold this position in its twenty editions and replaces Adolfo Utor, president of Baleària.

This is the winning startup of the South Summit

10 de Octubre de 2019

This is a Valencian platform related to the video game sector.

The Valencian Streamloots is the global winner of the South Summit, the most important entrepreneurial event in Spain

7 de Octubre de 2019

The startup supported by Bbooster was accelerated in the program of one of the pillars of Silicon Valley

Homy Jungle, the Valencian startup that warns owners if their plants need water or fertilizer.

2 de Octubre de 2019

Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Laura Gonzalez, computer engineer, and Felipe Fontanet, biologist, Homy Jungle breaks into the online plant sales market by offering a product that is one step ahead in the ornamental plant sector.

València Activa and the CEV want to discover new feminine leaderships

2 de Octubre de 2019

Lidereses is the program to support women in their access to positions of responsibility in companies.

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