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Four entrepreneurs start their projects during the pandemic with the alliance between Novaterra and Caixa Popular

8 de Julio de 2020

Starting a business in the current period of uncertainty, caused by the health, social and economic crisis, becomes even more complex and risky. In spite of this, four women entrepreneurs have started their projects in the middle of the coronavirus crisis thanks to the "Dóna Emprén" program, developed by the Novaterra Foundation and Caixa Popular, with the collaboration of Tandem Social.

The take-off of the real 5G with Fivecomm

6 de Julio de 2020

The Valencian startup Fivecomm is taking advantage of the potential of 5G technology (the new standard in mobile telephony) to develop all types of robots for the 4.0 industry. Narcís Cardona, the company's driving force, realised the business opportunity during the organisation of the 5G world congress held last year in Valencia and founded Fivecomm in November with engineers José Monserrat and David Gómez Barquero. The company designs robots that communicate with each other, autonomous vehicles and devices for the broadcast of sports events that will prevent the movement of mobile units to the football fields thanks to 5G networks. GoHub Ventures, the startup investment arm of Global Omnium, has just invested 450,000 euros in the firm. The company, which is immersed in five European projects, plans to have a turnover of one million euros this year and its bet is the take-off of the real 5G.

Designable closes a round of 500,000 euros and presents its fourth building

3 de Julio de 2020

In the first half of March, a few days before declaring itself in a state of alarm, the Valencian startup Designable was looking forward to finalising the pitch for the new round of financing aimed at investors throughout Europe, which was launched via the Crowdcube platform. The arrival of the coronavirus forced them to delay the opening until 12 May and cross their fingers so that investors would not shrink from the uncertainty generated by the pandemic.

Valencia-based Voicemod closes $8 million funding round

2 de Julio de 2020

Valencian technologies continue to attract the attention of foreign investors. After the financing rounds closed by Sales Layer or Zeleros, now it is the turn of Voicemod, a voice modulator for gamers and streamers with millions of users all over the world. The company has closed an $8 million financing round, led by German investor Bitkraft Ventures, which specializes in eSports.

GeeksHubs, first technological partner to be installed in Lanzadera

1 de Julio de 2020

GeeksHubs, a company specialized in training IT professionals (information and communication technologies) and in recruiting talent, will be the first technology partner to be installed in Marina de Empresas within the Space Shuttle initiative. The Valencian firm will offer support to entrepreneurs incubated and accelerated in Lanzadera within the field of software development and consultancy.

Bankia and Afín SGR sign a 36 million line to finance the self-employed and SMEs in the Region of Valencia

30 de Junio de 2020

Bankia and Afín SGR, Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca de la Comunitat Valenciana, have signed a 36 million euro financing line to facilitate access to financing for microenterprises, SMEs and the self-employed in the Valencia region that have been affected by the covid-19 crisis.

Airhopping pivots its business model and launches into car routes

30 de Junio de 2020

Airhopping, the Valencian digital startup specializing in multi-destination reservations, is adapting its business model to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 in a sector that is experiencing its worst moment in the summer months. National tourism is, from now on, the new focus of Airhopping so that travelling in times of coronavirus is not an impediment for anyone, while contributing to the recovery of the country's economy.

The Valencian company Teccoa designs the first Spanish intelligent mirror that connects with Alexa

29 de Junio de 2020

Smart mirrors are a growing trend in Europe and recently new in our country. More and more people are introducing voice devices into their homes to organize their tasks and keep up with this type of technology. The novelty of Cloon, is that it is the first Spanish Smart Mirror compatible with Alexa. It is a piece of furniture with an avant-garde design that offers several additional uses such as consulting tasks, reporting the news or consulting the weather forecast.

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