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Video games from the room

23 de Enero de 2020

Six months. That was the time Abraham Cózar had to get his career as a video game designer off the ground. This 35 year-old Valencian from the town of Meliana came from a first failed attempt as an entrepreneur. His project to develop educational applications for schools had not been successful. Far from abandoning his dream of creating a method that would allow children to learn and have fun at the same time thanks to technology, Cózar decided to try a second time in 2015, this time on his own, because he could not afford to hire anyone. His savings only gave him half a year to live.


20 de Enero de 2020

VIT Emprende has selected ten facilitators from the city of Valencia to take part in the stand of the Valencian ecosystem that will be available in Barcelona during the 4YFN event of the Mobile World Congress, to be held 24-26 February 2020.

From Xing to New Work, the technology company trusts in Valencia and chooses it as its favourite place to grow in 2020

20 de Enero de 2020

The German technology company New Work, until a few months ago known by the name of its social network Xing, has put down roots in Valencia a year after choosing the city as the site for a new tech centre. The company, which started with a dozen people with a coworking as a provisional location, has now reached thirty and has relocated to offices in the city centre with the aim of reaching 80 in the next two years.

Valencians will receive unlimited online training without paying a single euro

16 de Enero de 2020

The offer consists of 4 massive online courses and 35 training pills in digital skills

The Webit València 2020 technology festival is presented to the European Chambers of Commerce in Spain

15 de Enero de 2020

Webit Foundation, together with a delegation of Valencian entities, represented by València Activa and València Oficina de congressos, has presented in Madrid the Webit València 2020 festival to a group of representatives of the European Chambers of Commerce in Spain, so that they can get to know this technological event that will bring together Valencia around the 15th of November.000 participants and more than 1,500 startups.

Three Spanish entrepreneurs dismantle the clichés of the 'startup' world

14 de Enero de 2020

Pepita Marín, from 'We are knitters' had never seen a ball of wool before launching her 'knit it yourself' company on the Internet. In the Work Cafe of Banco Santander she talked about her beginnings with Pablo Sanagustín, from ONiAd, and Pablo Kurt Verdú, from Filmaffinity.

AlternaCoop collects 7,550 euros to create the first solar gas station in Valencia

8 de Enero de 2020

A total of 60 sponsors are financing the shared electric vehicle cooperative project on the Lateuaterra platform

The Valencian startup Wohcash, which turns businesses into ATMs, becomes Gelt Cash

7 de Enero de 2020

The Valencian startup Wohcash has begun to operate under the brand name Gelt after the entry of Prosegur in its capital. Promoted by Angel Sanchez and Antonio Rivilla - and with a minority participation by Ética Patrimonios - the company has adopted the brand of the technology company known for paying consumers to make the purchase and send the tickets through its app.

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