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The Valencian company Imegen prepares diagnostic kits to make them available to the Ministry

20 de Marzo de 2020

Imegen, a Valencian institute specialised in genetics and genomics, is adapting its clinical microbiology laboratory in Malaga to carry out up to 500 coronavirus tests a day and place them at the service of the Ministry of Health. It is also designing "against the clock" diagnostic kits for the Covid-19 virus so that the authorities can distribute them throughout the health network.

Marcaide launches a platform to help face the Covid-19 crisis

20 de Marzo de 2020

Zubi Labs promotes Zubi Help with tools to alleviate mobility restrictions.

Gelt Cash wants to turn Valencia's kiosks into ATMs

13 de Marzo de 2020

Gelt Cash advances in its project to turn cities into ATMs by signing collaboration agreements with various brands and associations. Now, the time has come for the Professional Association of Press Vendors of Valencia and Province (APVPVP) to turn all the kiosks into an ATM.

eKuore opens a financing round worth 1.5 million euros

12 de Marzo de 2020

The Valencian company eKuore launches a round of investment of 500,000 euros through the Capital Cell platform to complete a round of 1.5 million euros, which already had the support of the Smart Fund of Banco Santander with the remaining million euros in loan format. The campaign, which has special conditions during the first two weeks of the launch, is for any type of investor, as the minimum contribution is EUR 100.

The Jump Startup program starts to promote Valencian startups to the USA

10 de Marzo de 2020

Social Nest Foundation and the United States Embassy are launching the Jump Startup program, which aims to train startups in the Valencian Community with international growth potential and connect them to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the United States. Jump Startup will be held in Valencia between the 10th and 13th of March 2020.

València Activa accompanies 15 'startups' in Forinvest to make their projects visible

4 de Marzo de 2020

València Activa, through VIT Emprende, has provided a space for 15 Valencian startups at Forinvest 2020, the largest meeting point for experts from the Spanish business and financial sector. "In Valencia we have a lot of talent and this is demonstrated by the startups that will be exhibiting their products and services at the joint stand of València Activa-VIT Emprende", highlighted Javier Mateo, deputy director of Emprendimiento of València Activa.

Scignals, iDRhA and Robotnik, Community talent at the European Robotics Forum

3 de Marzo de 2020

Three companies specialized in robotics in the Valencian Community, Scignals and iDRhA -from Elche- and Robotnik -from Paterna- are present until March 5th in the most important robotics event in Europe, the "European Robotics Forum" (ERF), which this year is held in Malaga and will bring together a thousand expert personnel in the field to address the latest developments in the fields related to Artificial Intelligence. In fact, its aims are focused on putting robotic technology and digital innovation at the service of a sustainable ecosystem that favours well-being and economic growth.

The Valencian technology that makes life easier

2 de Marzo de 2020

Promote the good life and offer users all the services of daily life. These are the two premises under which the Valencian 'startup' Jeff -known until a few months ago as Mr Jeff- has evolved, continuing its meteoric rise since its three founders, Eloi Gómez, Adrián Lorenzo and Rubén Muñoz, launched a business model that has revolutionized the world of technology.

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