Advanced Factory Courses

Factory Startup is an advanced training program aimed at growing startups and entrepreneurs and professionals with previous experience in the topics covered. The programme is made up of 8 workshop sessions and 10 meetups on different topics, all given by renowned experts and heads of prestigious companies. All sessions will be practical and participative. The speakers will offer us their know how and will contribute through their experience, solutions to common problems that arise in the startups, in phase of growth. The areas treated will be: business, sales, digital marketing, agile technologies and methodologies, social entrepreneurship. The program is organized by VIT Emprende, with the collaboration of the Valencian Association of Startups. The training programme is made up of and involves a wide network of entrepreneurs and references from the Valencian ecosystem, who are committed to this type of training, as the best way to generate talent for companies and thus collaborate so that the ecosystem continues to grow and become increasingly robust and consolidated.

Vit Emprende Summit

One of the most important dates of the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem of València, a gathering that allows you to review all the activities of the the year developed by VIT Emprende, as well as to announce the future actions and that it counts with talks by influential people from our ecosystem. Companies, investors, startups, entities, universities and public administration participate of this Valencian entrepreneurship party.

VLC Startup Awards

This appointment, organised by the Valencian Startups Association, in collaboration with the Economical Development Area from Valencia City Hall through València Activa and VIT Emprende, has congregated more than 500 personalities and entities of the economical, business and innovation sectors, as well as a list of public authorities.The special award to the best startup, recognised with a substantial reward of 10.000 euros for the winning company, has gone to Airhopping. The other special award of the evening, the best entrepreneur, went to Mr Jeff's Eloi Gómez.

VLC Startup Market

Our bet is to turn the city squares into an space where innovation and technology developed in València can be shared. A meeting point for startups and citizens where they can show and explain what the technological companies of the city do with the aim of making citizenship proud of València’s talent and, more and more, participating in it. That talking about technology and innovation in Valencia’s streets will be more usual and, thus, encourage participation.

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