Business and alternatives to renovate office food tuppers

Innovating in home cooking and takeaways is a trend. Many start-ups, foodtech companies or Meal Kits companies (which are starting to sound strong in the country) are dedicating themselves to making the way they bring food to work more "sybaritic". From home cooking initiatives with the right ingredients, to home tuppers, to making your own fermented food, eating in an office has more and more alternatives to the typical pre-heated microwave. And business trips.


One of the projects is foodStories, which describes itself as the only company in the world that offers healthy food at home in recirculating containers. It is a foodtech company, a pioneer in Spain in the model of sustainable 'meal kits' and offers a new concept of healthy home-made food, adapted to today's society, with recipes based on fresh, seasonal products.

It has a 'zero waste' strategy to avoid wasting food, by buying and cooking the right amounts of ingredients, and eliminates the use of disposable plastics.

The Spanish startup offers the user different menus and takes home the pack of ingredients, in the right amounts to prepare each recipe and avoid food waste, and in recyclable and totally sustainable glass containers.

The company, created in August 2019, began operating in a test phase last March in the capital, Madrid, and already has more than 250 customers and has served more than 2,300 portions, which has meant the recycling of more than 2,000 glass containers. Its goal is to reach 28,000 recirculated containers by the end of the year, which would mean avoiding about 100 kilos of single-use plastic in the environment.

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