València activa grants for events related to technologies and innovation

València Activa has launched a line of grants of 500,000 euros for associations and entities that hold events related to technology, innovation, science, research, design, entrepreneurship and business consolidation in the city of València. The Councillor for Entrepreneurship and Economic Innovation and President of València Activa, Pilar Bernabé, explained that "València is a city that is leading the economic recovery and is being referenced nationally and internationally as an ideal city for investment and the celebration of events helps precisely to make visible the potential it has".

Bernabé believes that this line of subsidies "is part of our strategic plan of Valencia as a technological city and, therefore, we want to promote those events of economic and technological innovation that are of the city itself, Valencian talent and Valencian companies. In fact, for the councilor "the events have become a stage because they serve to make visible the talent, the ability and the product and, therefore, we wanted to take this call". In this sense, Pilar Bernabé stressed that "we have doubled this call since last year and we have multiplied it tenfold since we took it out for the first time".

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