Demium Startups mobilizes to get entrepreneurs out of Ukraine incubator in Kiev

The situation in Ukraine due to Russian attacks is not sparing sectors and professions. After the mobilization of NGOs and individuals to evacuate Ukrainians from the areas affected by the conflict, now companies are joining a priority mission: saving lives. This is the case of Demium, the network of startup incubators promoted from Valencia, from where they have mobilized to get workers and entrepreneurs out of Ukraine from their incubator in Kiev. At present, there is a ban on men between 18 and 60 years of age from leaving the country.

Jaime Guillot, director of the office in Valencia and also responsible for the rest of the centers in Europe, has traveled to its headquarters in Warsaw (Poland) to coordinate the exit strategy from the conflict zone of about twenty entrepreneurs and their families. It was in 2019 when the network of incubators, led by Jorge Dobón made its way into Eastern Europe. "Ukraine is a leading country in the creation and development of startups related to science and technology. These types of medium-sized cities are key to Demium's expansion model", Dobón said at the time.

Noticia completa en Valencia Plaza

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