The Technovation Girls CV program returns to València in a new edition

On the International Day of Girls and ICT, the City of Valencia has announced a new edition of Technovation Girls CV, the technological entrepreneurship program for girls and young women, which offers the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to become entrepreneurs and technology leaders. As in previous editions, the program will be developed through the Department of Entrepreneurship and Economic Innovation.

The Councilor for Economic Development, Pilar Bernabé, explained that "with this program we claim equal opportunities among our youth when accessing STEM careers, and also intend to make visible the role of women in these careers". Technovation Girls CV launches each year a challenge to girls from 8 to 18 years old that includes proposals ranging from "building a business plan to develop a mobile application or an artificial intelligence device that addresses a specific local social problem". Participants are organized into teams and learn how to use the Inventor app, which is used to develop their own application.

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