Spain has more than 200 women linked to the world of startup investment

The startup sector in Spain has more than 250 women linked to startup investment in Spain, as business angels or as founders or directors of different investment vehicles. In addition, El Referente identifies a total of 3,573 active startups in Spain with 4,337 startup founders of which 16.32% (699) are women.

Last week, the newspaper El Referente launched the first report on the role of women investors in Spain, mapping all Spanish women linked to the world of investment in startups and SMEs both in Spain and abroad. The number of women linked to the investment world exceeds 250 women investors, of which approximately 60 hold management positions in corporate investment funds, private VCs and other investment vehicles. In addition, more than 200 women play an active role in startup investment in Spain as business angels, although the vast majority (more than 95%) do so through investment clubs or business angel networks. 

Some of them, such as W4Steam, the largest in terms of number of women investors (currently made up of more than 141 members from 8 different countries) have the mission of increasing the number of women entrepreneurs in STEAM areas (science, technology, engineering, architecture and mathematics) and the number of women business angels. They have so far invested 1.5 million euros in a total of 26 STEAM startups led by women. The IESE network has 30 women investors (15% of the total number of members) and has carried out more than 350 operations in startups, accumulating an investment of more than €55m. Werock, another network formed solely by women and founded by Lola Rebollo and Helena Torras in 2018, is made up of just over 30 women. The initiative seeks to boost the visibility and presence of women entrepreneurs and investors in the ecosystem, while increasing the corporate-startup connection.

More information at: El Referente


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