Hundred, travelling halfway around the world to create the best hamburger in Valencia

The hamburger is possibly the most famous food in the world and, after travelling halfway around the world tasting hundreds of them, it can be a risky idea to try to make one that is among your 100 favourites. Especially if you leave a job you love to make way for the start of a dream. But that's what Alex G. Urbón and Ezequiel Maldjian, founders of Hundred, one of the most popular burger bars in Valencia despite its short life, did. 

These two friends, passionate about the dish, visited three continents and 25 countries in two years as a result of a restlessness that has finally become their way of life. Today, they have two restaurants in the city of Valencia where they boast of serving one of the best hamburgers in the city. "Our family and friends told us that the sector was already very saturated and the answer we gave them all was that, from what we knew could be done with hamburgers and what was available in Spain, we found a very big gap in terms of quality and originality," explains G. Urbón, who left his job at Angels, the investment arm of Valencian businessman Juan Roig, to set up the business.

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