It Closet, the Valencian 'marketplace' where 'influencers' sell the clothes from their closet

If we follow something, many times, it is to reach it in inspiration or inspiration. Social networks and their well-known influencers -people who have a large number of followers on these platforms- have opened a new window in the fashion sector, especially for those who look to them as a reference when it comes to dressing. With this premise under their belts, young Gonzalo Marijuan and Pablo Rodríguez decided to go a step further and create It Closet. An online second-hand clothing store, where the garments come from the closet of some of these personalities.

However, this approach arose as a result of the pandemic and once the doors of the startup were already open. As Marijuan explains to Valencia Plaza, the first format was born in February 2020 with the aim of facilitating the process of selling clothes through pages like Vinted or Wallapop. "We collected the garments from anyone, took care of all the management and then charged a commission per transaction," he explains. But the arrival of covid and the closure of the shipping establishments made them take another course: to create their own web platform as the main sales channel. 

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