La Harinera will open in early 2024 and will house a space for technology 'landings' and a video game hub

La Harinera, the space that aspires to be the new public entity of public innovation of the city of Valencia next to Las Naves, will open in early 2024 and will house an area for technology companies that want to settle in the city to have their first contact, as well as a video game hub, among other projects. This is explained by the Councilor for Innovation, Paula Llobet, who hopes that the beginning of next year will give life to the space that will complete the public innovation headquarters.

The building, of 5,000 square meters and close to Las Naves, was inaugurated in December 2022 by the previous municipal government. However, it has not yet been put into operation due to pending issues with the Conselleria de Industria. "There are still a few months to go, but we are working on the budget to start it up, to provide it economically and on the project to give it a content that is at the service of the city and position it like those large hubs that exist in cities such as Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam," he says. 

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