The startup Erasmus Play creates a platform to speed up students' apartment searches

The Erasmus program moves every year thousands of students who move to other cities to continue their studies. An educational experience that for many is their first contact outside their home and their comfort zone. One of the first steps of this trip is to find accommodation in which to live during this time, a task that is not always easy. And even more so at a time like the present, when housing prices have risen and the supply, in many cases, is reduced.

To facilitate this search, three friends Smith Donkor (COO); Manuel Herrero (CTO) and David Casanova (CEO) have developed Erasmus Play, a platform that compares accommodation in more than 500 European cities. A kind of 'Skyscanner' or 'Booking' in which the user indicates the destination and dates and the portal offers all the possibilities available in that enclave. "It is an accommodation comparator for students, focused on Erasmus, so that the search is simple and agile," explains its CEO, David Casanova.

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