UPV presents its best startups and spin-off projects to 30 investors

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) held a new edition of its Investor's Day (InDay), the day in which it connects the best business projects born at the university with potential investors, in order to give them the final boost to start them up or consolidate them as successful companies.

More than a dozen companies participated in the event, including startups created by university graduates and incubated in the StartUPV ecosystem, along with UPV spinoffs, which were presented to more than 30 investors in a round of individual presentations to all attendees. The companies that were able to pitch to investors were Ebhealth3, Therminer, Flydronair, Nela Biodinamycs, Neurocatching, Cosmos Engineering, IHD Modular, Belong, Transkriptorium, Kerionics and Tesoro Imaging.

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