The Valencian company Voicemod closes a 14.5 million investment and buys the company Voctro Labs

The Valencian technology company Voicemod has closed a $14.5 million investment round with the entry of the Spanish fund Kfund, the boost of the German investor Bitkraft Venture - which led the previous injection of funding - and the reinforcement of The Mini Fund, an investment vehicle driven by Eros Resmini, one of the co-founders of the well-known Discord platform. 

This is according to its CEO, Jaime Bosch, who founded the company with his brothers Juan and Fernando in an adventure that began in 2009 and has grown to a turnover of 12.5 million last year and employs 156 people. "The round is very interesting, because it is not only pure and simple capital, but it has a quite important part of network", explains Bosch, who five years ago was about to lower the shutter of the company. 

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