Malferida, the soft drink that wants to vindicate that Coca-Cola was invented in a town of Valencia

Since she was a child, Lucía Mompó had heard the stories told in her mother's town, Aielo de Malferit, in the south of the province of Valencia, that Coca-Cola was invented there. So when he had to develop a project for his internship and final degree project, he decided to create a product that would pay homage to that story. In 2018 Malferida, the cola soft drink with a natural formula and no secrets, hit the market.

The oral story that survives tells that at the end of the 19th century in a distillery in the town they bottled a syrup made from cola nut, which they called Kola-coca. Also that the drink was presented in the United States by one of its producers, who went to fairs to promote his products. "A priori, that's the story. Only one year a company called The Coca-Cola Company came to buy the brand," he says.

Full story in El País

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