Uncovercity and Fierro create exclusive 'Sweet Dreams' experience for 4 tables

The Valencian startup Uncovercity has decided to create the Uncover WTF experience and eliminate the surprise factor because on this occasion "they are exquisite and unique gastronomic experiences where the main objective is to leave you with your mouth open and we believe it is important to reveal the restaurant because we are coming from very hard months in the hospitality sector and we must recover the illusion of sitting around a table again", explained its CEO, Juanjo Sáez.

On this occasion, Uncover WTF "Sweet Dreams" will take place at Fierro, one of the platform's TOP restaurants, where Carito Lourenço and Germán Carrizo have worked and refined the experience, which will only take place on Thursday 17 and where there will only be 4 tables. According to Juanjo Sáez "it is a magical experience, where nothing is usual, everything happens the other way round. You could never imagine enjoying so much at a dinner that starts with desserts and evolves into a unique experience that only the creativity of Carito and Germán are capable of creating".

Full story in Valencia Plaza.

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