València Activa announces the VLC Startup Awards to recognise local talent with 55,000 euros for the best startups

This Friday, the Local Government Board approved the call for the VLC Startup Awards, awards promoted by València Activa to recognise local talent and reward the efforts made by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial entities in the city of Valencia, to which 55,000 euros have been allocated.

The head of the Department of Innovative Development of Economic Sectors and Employment, Pilar Bernabé, said that "with this 6th edition of the VLC Startup Awards we reiterate our commitment to our entrepreneurial ecosystem and our local talent and the figures show it. This year we have once again increased the amount allocated to these awards. In the 2019 edition we allocated 10,000 euros, a figure that we will increase fivefold in 2020 and now stands at 55,000 euros".

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